What should should PTXprint be able to put a fancy border around?

I’ve been (slowly) working on drawing borders for sidebars based on repeating or stretching, (or repeating and stretching) ‘ornaments’. It applies any stretch before the ornaments are drawn, so the line thickness remains constant even when the user has chosen to allow an ornament to be grossly pulled out of shape.

This week, the code has been extended to add (possibly distorted) glyphs from fonts to the list of things that can be used, (though in this case there is line-thickness distortion, of course.)

If repeating elements are used, the ornamental borders (assuming they’re defined properly) are truly ‘made-to-measure’ for each box they surround, rather than distorted.

The next step will be to make it possible to put these ornamental borders around a page. At present, if a (PDF) border is added to a page, it is the entire page page that gets the border (footnotes and cross-references included), but I see from the SAB page that there have been requests to border just the scripture text, excluding footnotes.

I also understand that in some parts of the world there’d be a cultural preference for a diglot including the original Greek/Hebrew to have the original language being be ‘framed’ and the vernacular translation not be.

Thus I presume there are three options for page-borders that there is some desire for:

  • Whole page
  • Scripture text only
  • One side of a diglot only.

But there are potentially other options that I can think of:

  • Scripture portion of both sides of a diglot in a single border
  • Scripture portion of both sides of a diglot, in separate borders
  • Scripture and footnotes / x-references, but not figures

And eventually there may be a desire for:

  • Borders around section headings
  • Borders around pictures??

Have I missed anything out? Which of these is the most urgent?

Oh, I forgot, fancy rules are also working: