When there are lots of Special characters

I think this would be a feature request, but maybe there is another option?

Since there is no way I know of to combine typed characters in the search pane we are adding a large number of special character buttons. There is no obvious indicator that this “row” of characters can slide to show more characters. Would it be possible to have this row wrap, so that more than one row is visible? OR can there be an obvious slider bar placed there if the extra characters given are not all presented on the screen.

For example, the build I’m working on now needs to include all these and this list does not include the capitals, which may / could be included. Note in the screen shot, only the characters through ê are shown.

ŋ ꞌ ã á â ẹ ẹ̃ ẹ́ ệ ẽ é ê ị ị̃ ị́ ị̂ ĩ í î ọ ọ̃ ọ́ ộ õ ó ô ụ ụ̃ ụ́ ụ̂ ũ ú û

I changed this to a feature request.

@Dan_Neville, one way of avoiding the scrolling line is to arrange your characters on separate rows, e.g.


which gives you:


Or another way of avoiding all these buttons altogether is to provide a Keyman keyboard!


Thanks Richard! Didn’t know the return would do that. Easy fix.

Yes. If there is a Keyman keyboard for the language, it can simply be bundled with the Bible app, or added as plugin to the app. I don’t know the exact term to use to describe incorporating Keyman keyboard into the app, but doing that will really help.