Where is Aeneas Folder?


In the past I used Audacity for audio syncronization.
I’m trying to use Aeneas.
Online method is working OK, on my computer I have an issue for setting up Aeneas.

I have followed install instructions for Aeneas and checked installation.
It seems OK like below.

However, SAB doesn’t seem to find Aeneas folder.
What should I put at ‘Where have you installed aeneas?’

Can anyone give an instruction for this, please?
I have no experience in Python.

Thank you.

The encoding for your command shell is not UTF-8. That may be causing some issues. Does the writing on the bottom of the image you posted make sense to you? If not it is definitely an issue.
My guess is that this is the key issue.

If you open a Command Prompt (Click the Win Start button and type command, then enter)
Then type

where python

I get:

C:\Windows\System32>where python.exe

The Aeneas scripts are in the folder:


Your computer may have them in a different location.

Thank you, mcquayi.

The message in the picutre above is ‘press any key to continue…’ in Korean.

I put the folder c:\Python37-32\Scripts at Where have you installed aeneas, but it didn’t work as you can see below.

I’m using Widows 10 Korean so it show \ a bit differently but it is \ still.
I uninstalled both SAB and Python/Aeneas and reinstalled them. But still no success.

You are making an assumption that the Command Prompt is as sophisticated as Windows 10. The command Prompt pre dates all Windows but has not had as much development. While SAB can work with Win 10 Korean, I am doubting the the Command Prompt can cope with it. And in any case the Command Prompt should be set to start in UTF-8.

Can you put in back slashes in the path instead of the W̶ with overstrike. SAB is passing that off to the Command Prompt?