Where to check if MAC app has no audio controls?

Sorry for this newbie question, but I haven’t been able to figure this out.

I can’t get audio controls to show up in the app.

I made a very basic new project on SAB for Mac. Added just one book (RUT), in Latin script. (Hawaiian Creole.) Added an audio file and a timing file. The audio source was the default, “Package inside the APK file”. On the Audio settings tab I provided some text for a message if no audio file can be found.

I exported to HTML (using local audio files), and the audio played as expected.

Built and launched the app in a simulator. (iPhone X - 11.0, for one). There was no indication within the app that there was audio available, such as an icon to open the audio controls.

There must be something simple I’m overlooking, but I can’t figure out what. I’m a little lost on a Mac. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thank you!

There is currently a known issue with SAB 5.x where the audio is not getting included in the app. Sorry! We are working on it.

See [ iOS | SAB 5.x ] No audio player

I’m hoping that this is a dumb question, but do you have at least one of these boxes checked? Apparently, it is possible to leave both unchecked, and I’m not really sure what that would do.

Yup. I think we’ve tried every combination of settings there except both off. And it works fine for Android. It’s just Mac that has the issue. @ChrisHubbard, any guesses on the timeline for a fix? And will Mac support audio download over https? (Extremely important if our users are to be protected from the authorities being able to track that they are using the app. We have this problem on some Android phones, I think 5.0.1 and earlier.)