Why does SAB not associate my audio files with the right book? [SOLVED: case matters]

It seems that when I add audio files to the project, SAB can tell (presumably from the filename) which chapter the audio file should be associated with, but for the book, it always defaults to GEN.

I then have to go individually one by one through the list, editing the audio file’s settings to select the correct book.

I’ve tried filenames like 43_jhn_03.mp3 and 43_03_Jhn_DIV.mp3 (for JHN 3), and it recognizes the chapter just fine, but not the book.

Is there a different naming convention I should use that will allow SAB to recognize the book to associate with the file?

[SOLVED] Ian found that case matters! The book name must be uppercase, just as it is in the \id field. e.g. \id JHN