Why is my image off centered?

I’m wondering why my images are off centered in my app. See photo below. They are about 800px wide. Is there a setting that controls justification?

It looks like it might be using the same paragraph format as the other paragraphs, which have a first line indent. (Note that the left edge of the image is exactly lined up with the indented start of the paragraphs.) Are you loading the text from Paratext, or from some other source file? Take a look at the source tab of your book, and see if your image is within a \p. If it is, then try to find a way to get it within a \m (no-indent paragraph). If text is from Paratext, you can change to \m there. If text is .docx, create a paragraph style named “m” for the image, and see if that works.

Great, thank you for the advice, I’ll look into it. That makes sense.