Windows user needs SAB app for iOS

I am a Windows user who has been creating apps with SAB since v1.0. So far I really haven’t had a need to create non-Android apps. The question before me now is, how can I build both Android and iOS apps? Follow-up, how can I get that same Android app built for iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.)?

If you have a Mac, Scripture App Builder can build both iOS and Android apps. Sadly Windows and Linux users can only build Android apps. Do you have a friend who has a Mac who can help?

If you can install maOS in a virtual machine on Windows, it is a violation of licensing agreements. There are “Hackintoshes”, but I would not recommend it.

Being stuck in lockdown, borrowing a Mac will be difficult. Is there anyone out there with a Mac who would be interested in helping me publish my app on ios? We have an App Store, and the app project folder is ready, just need the Mac.