Word in word list highlight in website

In the html created pages words in a word list i.e. \w …\w* do not show up clearly. How can I change the highlighting color to make it stand out better?

In Styles section > Text Styles tab> Footnotes sub section.
Find: span.footnotes and adjust the color there.

In general to solve this yourself, look in the HTML and find an example of what you want to change. What is its markup? Here is an example:

<div class="c-drop">1</div> <span class="v">1</span><span class="vsp">&nbsp;</span>
<span class="footnote selectable" id="G-0">keyword</span> in a sentence.<span id="bookmarks1"></span></div>

So I look for the word keyword. Look at the span’s class attribute: class="footnote selectable" You will find one or more words in the class attribute. Look for each of those. That is look for span.footnotethenspan.selectable` in the Text Styles tab of Styles section. The second one is not there but the first one is. So adjust that.

Thank you for the guidance on how to generally solve the problem myself. That insight is very helpful - I am very grateful for that.