Working in 3 dialects - how do I use same style configuration for each one?

I have three auxiliary projects in Paratext, that contain the text of a booklet that is being produced in the three different dialects that the auxiliary project correspond to. Once I have set the Saved/Shared Configuration, as it contains all the style modifications etc I need for the booklet, for the first dialect, how do I use that same saved style Configuration for the other two dialects?
When I try to create the second dialect booklet, the saved configuration for the first dialect is not available. Do I have to copy some files around, and if so, which files and from where to where?

John - the developers may have a better way to do this, but you should be able to copy the entire \ptxprint folder from the \shared folder of one project to the other projects. You would need to create the \shared folder if it doesn’t exist. If you already have an existing \ptxprint folder in \shared then you could just copy the folder for your saved settings.