Would zipping and replacing a ProgramData folder accomplish the same thing as the Merge function?

For situations where the internet connection is poor but we want to get a small portion of the original HearThis audio data from one computer to another, would taking the folders from within the ProgramData folder, zipping them and replacing them on the second computer accomplish the same thing as what the Merge function does?
Thanks for your advice.

Yes (with some caveats). The HearThisPacks really are just zip files, but the Merge feature attempts to look at each chaoter folder to determine whether the existing files are newer or the zipped files are newer. A “blind” unzip couldn’t do that. Also, the merge tries to patch up missing info in some cases. But assuming the stuff in the zip file was created with the same version of HearThis as on the destination computer and the operator knew for sure that the files in the zipped folder were definitely the ones that were desired, yes, you could unzip and replace entire folders that way. We have tried to make it so that most normal users won’t need to ever know about HearThis’ internal data store (in ProgramData) so they won’t/can’t mess up files by mucking around in there. But for more advanced users who know what they are doing, it is possible to do things directly to those files.