.xlsx option for Import/Export of Interface Translations

I’d like to request that there be an option to export/import an Excel spreadsheet of the Interface Translations and be able to export/import multiple lists of translations at once. In updating our translations from SAB 6 to SAB 7, with 2-3 custom languages, there are at least 26 additional words or phrases that need translated at various rows in the list.

I have one of my local partners translate the words/phrases but doing it in a spreadsheet is much simpler than the archaic text file that is currently exported from SAB. I can copy and paste each translation out of SAB into a spreadsheet but each time I have to copy the English list as well, make sure I’ve lined up the rows, etc.

Being able to export/import the languages of my choice as an Excel file would be brilliant.

While on this topic, it would be super helpful if there was a way to see a complete list of all POSSIBLE interface words/phrases. If I do my translations and then turn on an additional feature that adds an interface item to the translations list, I’m not likely to see it. It would be much simpler if the entire list was visible all time (or at least as an option).