\zgetperiph and INT

I really like how I can import a Periph from INT. However, I’m wondering why it’s not possible to import from other books (particularly FRT and BAK)?

This isn’t necessarily a feature request (though it might become one). Rather I’m just wondering if there’s a logical reason why you would expect to import from INT but not from other books.

Also, is there a non-UI way of doing the import from other books?

It’s really about assumptions, and what gets put where. INT was felt to be fairly likely to have been ‘properly’ done. BAK and FRT are more likely to be messier. Which will lead to unexpected output in your PDFs.

If there is no text that’s outside a periph section, and all the periph sections have been properly flagged with id="something", then the following ought to work:


Thank you. This works great (once you figure it out…)

A few notes:
There’s an obvious typo on the last line.
From my testing, I think that a fuller filename with relative position and with a filetype is necessary.

(And for other people who are a unobservant as I am, project has to be replaced with your 3 letter project code!)