Adapt It

Adapt It is a simple translation editor that allows the user to quickly translate texts between related languages.


Glyssen helps you to produce a high-quality dramatized audio recording of Scripture. It’s like having a production assistant, guiding you step by step.
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Using HearThis, communities record and distribute their translated scripture, for themselves.
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Scripture App Builder

Scripture App Builder helps you to build customized Scripture apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.


Transcelerator is a Paratext plugin that adds a feature to help with comprehension checking. It assists in the process of translating existing comprehension checking questions using information from the Paratext Biblical Terms tool and by learning common phrases as you translate.

Scripture Forge

Scripture Forge is an online Scripture checking app. Upload text from Paratext and ask questions for users to answer. It’s configurable and supports audio upload and playback. Watch a video or get started now.

SIL Transcriber

Type your audio recordings with ease and as a team. Transcriber makes it clear and simple to get audio translation drafts typed, checked, and into Paratext.

Adapt It Mobile

Translate between related languages on your Android or iOS mobile device.