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Adapt It

Adapt It is a simple translation editor that allows the user to quickly translate texts between related languages.


Glyssen ™ helps you to produce a high-quality dramatized audio recording of Scripture. It’s like having a production assistant, guiding you step by step.
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Using HearThis ™, communities record and distribute their translated Scripture, for themselves. HearThis reads text from Paratext or a Text Release Bundle.
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As of 1-Feb-2024, this community page has relocated to

Scripture App Builder

Scripture App Builder helps you to build customized Scripture apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.


Transcelerator ™ is a Paratext plugin that adds a feature to help with comprehension checking. It assists in the process of translating existing comprehension checking questions using information from the Paratext Biblical Terms tool and by learning common phrases as you translate.

Scripture Forge

Scripture Forge is another way to access your Paratext project online. Edit your translation in a Google-docs like manner - several people can edit the same verse at the same time. Do Scripture Community Checking asking questions on selected verses for invited users to answer. Questions and answers can be text, audio, or both.

Audio Project Manager

Audio Project Manager: A web and desktop product providing a flexible workflow to manage a large audio corpus whose transcriptions can be synced with Paratext.

Adapt It Mobile

Translate between related languages on your Android or iOS mobile device.


Scriptoria helps you publish your apps and keep them updated every time the Scripture App Builder software is improved. You provide the service with your app project data and it will build and publish the app to the Google Play store for you.

Story Producer app

Story Producer (SP app) is an offline workflow management tool, for local language speakers to orally translate Bible stories and produce their own local language videos. Use the app on your v.7+ Android™ device, populated with Story Producer templates.


A rule-based machine translation system that is easy to use for ordinary linguists. It leverages FLEx (Fieldworks Language Explorer) and a powerful transfer rule language to give high-quality results.
This is a forum where you can ask questions about FLExTrans or request a feature. It’s also a great place to share experiences whether it is about FLEx, transfer rules or any other related topic. Post away!