\d Psalms descriptive titles not formatted as per style sheet (original versification)

Hi all
I’ve just added some Psalms to my SAB app. We are following the French (original) versification which has the descriptive title (e.g. ‘A Psalm of David’) as verse one when present.
Thus Ps 4 USFM starts:
\c 4
\v 1 Jabuura mo Daawda winndi faa hoɗiree kolli.

The SAB default style for \d (div.d Descriptive Title) is: text-align: center; font-style: italic;
This is not changed at the book level in my app.

However both in the app and on the SAB viewer, the descriptive title is formatted incorrectly - the verse number and Descriptive title text immediately follows the chapter number, with no new line, italics or central alignment. It’s as if the \d marker is not there. Could this be a bug somewhere?

I’m not sure if this address your problem. But according to the USFM documentation, the descriptive title should directly follow the \d marker and not the \v marker.


If you want the title to be a part of verse one but keep the styling of a descriptive title, maybe you could do a workaround by defining a custom style/marker with the same CSS declarations as the \d marker.

Thanks for this. The USFM example in the standard is from the NRSV which follows English versification, but as other versifications are available I’d suggest that this example is not normative, and that the Descriptive Title can indeed be numbered as verse 1. Paratext seems to interpret the USFM differently to SAB here. The standard for all French bibles, including Paratext resources has \v 1 following a \d marker - e.g. TOB:
\cl PSAUME 27 \ca (26)\ca*
\d \v 1 De David.
\q1 …

Unlike SAB, Paratext displays the descriptive title with the correct formatting despite the verse marker, and as this is ‘standard’/Hebrew versification, it makes sense.

A workaround could be to change \d to a paragraph style that is not used anywhere else in the project. \pc (centered paragraph) would be a good candidate. Then format that style in the way desired: centered (which it is already) and italics.


@Phil_M As answered in your post that deals with Aeneas.

Try this:

Find: \\d
Replace: \\po
(\po is a rarely used paragraph marker - just make sure it is not in use with your translation)

and set the style for the \po
(remove the padding and change the font-style and/or font-weight if needed)

Thanks a lot Greg. That works fine!