11.04 Sidebar end tag bug

Sider bar USFM markup is:

Some content ...

The Bible text is being included in the sidebar as the sidebar end marker \esbe is being ignored.

Source text

\id JAS
\ide UTF-8
\h James
\toc3 James
\toc1 The Letter of James
\toc2 James
\mt2 The Letter of
\mt1 James
\c 1
\esb \cat Fact\cat*
\ms Fact
\p Some random facts about James...
\s1 Greeting
\v 1 Hello people ....

I am having the same experience with a study Bible text with \esb …\esbe. The end tag (\esbe) seems to be ignored. The remainder of the current chapter text is absorbed into the collapsible sidebar block (if the sidebar occurs at the start of a chapter, the whole chapter is within the collapsible block).