2020-12-01 Scriptoria Update

The following changes have been pushed to https://app.scriptoria.io

Display Store Name in Details

If your organization uses multiple stores and you are not certain which store is used for a particular product, you can get the details of the product (from the shish-kebob menu at the end of the product entry) and the store name will be displayed at the top of the details.

Comments When Emailing Reviewers

For a projects, you can add reviewers by email address so that during the Verify and Publish state you can send an email with details about the current build (e.g. fo the “Android App to Google Play” product, a links to download the APK and view the App Store Preview). Now you can enter a comment in the comment box before pressing the “Email Reviewers” button and the comment will be included in the email sent to the reviewers.

Website Refresh Issues

We have received funding to fix some issues with how the web application updates when changes happen on the server. This has allowed us to hire a contractor to address these issues. We will be pushing these out as soon as they are available to allow you to test this out. If you still see the issue, please let us know (send an email to chris underscore hubbard at sil dot org).

Fix Duplicate Product Entry When Adding A Product

The first fix is when adding a product, some times the product is displayed twice in the products list.