Ability for "Translator" users to be able to add questions

As far as I’ve found, it seems that only users configured in Paratext as Administrators of the Paratext project can add questions in ScriptureForge, but users who are configured as “Translators” in the Paratext project can’t add questions through the SF website (I’m guessing their work in Transcelerator does get linked tho). We have some “Translators” on the team who would like to work on some checking questions in SF, but right now I think we would have to make them Administrators in Paratext for them to be able to do that. Am I missing a setting somewhere to allow “Translators” the ability to add questions?

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Hey great question and yes your conclusions here are right, at the moment only Paratext Administrators can add/edit questions. That got us up and running but we did wonder if other users on the project might need access to do that as well. We recently had another user ask us this as well. We are currently working on adding this feature and you can track its progress on issue SF-1297.

Also: Note that if your team uses Transcelerator, users having the “Translator” role can add questions in that plugin, and then the administrator can pull those questions into Scripture Forge.

Thanks for these explanations (great to hear of the work on this feature!) & thanks for the idea of working through Transcelerator. For these questions we’d like to add, though, (which will include audio) I think I’ll need to just make one of them an Administrator for a while so they can work away at them without needing my direct involvement.