Adding support for Android TV

Can SAB add support for Android TV so that we can access our Bible app with videos on Android TV?

An application intended to run on TV devices must declare a launcher activity for TV in its manifest. It uses a CATEGORY_LEANBACK_LAUNCHER intent filter to do this. This filter identifies your app as being enabled for TV and lets Google Play identify it as a TV app. When a user selects your app on their TV home screen, this intent identifies which activity to launch.

When we tried to publish one of the apps, we got the below message from Google Play :

Thanks for submitting your app for Android TV. We reviewed your app Easter Films and noticed some eligibility issues.

App Bundle:7, App Bundle:2 Leanback Launcher

Your app manifest does not set an intent type of ACTION_MAIN with category CATEGORY_LEANBACK_LAUNCHER. Please see Get started with TV apps to learn more.