All audio files of Picture Story Book get downloaded at once

I have a Picture Story Book app with one book and many chapters (pages). I am using several audio files, one for each page and I have selected this option in SAB. The audio files get downloaded from the internet. I have the problem that whatever audio file I want to download, it always starts downloading all the chapters, starting with chapter 1. This happens no matter what the audio setting in the app is, even when the audio file settings options are disabled for the user in SAB > Features > Settings.

I am wondering if there is a chance that this may get fixed with the next SAB update? Or should I think about spending the time to build the app differently?

Hi Friedo,
I’d like to take a look at your project and see if I can duplicate the problem. Could you possibly write me a Personal Message (Click on my Icon and select message) and send me a link where I can download it?