Allow SIL in package name?

It seems given recent SIL board decisions that we should allow a package name with “sil”. There are cases that you might use SAB for an actual SIL publication anyway, like maybe a songbook. So rejecting a package name outright just because it has “sil” in its package name may not have been the best choice even previously, but maybe with this change even more so.

Maybe rather than rejecting the package name, there should be a warning that in general SIL doesn’t publish scripture, and confirmation that you really know what you are doing. (Well, probably should say something more like this: Have you confirmed with your publication / archiving specialists that you are authorized to publish this app under SIL’s name?)


With recent changes with the “SIL Board approves update to Executive Limitation allowing SIL to publish Scripture”, we will remove this limitation in the next release (which should be 10.3).