"android.bat" not found in the SDK tools folder

Hello SIL Community,

I am having a problem downloading the Android SDK Packages. When I click on “Install Packages”, I keep getting the prompt message " “android.bat” not found in the SDK tools folder". Please what’s the way forward. I am running the Scripture App Builder on Windows 10.

Thank you.

Yes we just discovered this yesterday. The Android SDK download is now half the size that it was before. One thing that has disappeared is the android.bat file.

This Link will give you a Android SDK that will install.

It is not the latest but it will work.

We hope to update this later.

Thank you so much, it’s worked for me. I am grateful for the help. One more question please, do you also have a bible projection software builder such as easy worship which is used to project songs and scriptures during service times. Thank you

I have seen people using the generated HTML (right-click on the book collection) for use during a service.

I have researched this and found that the android sdk tools have been repackaged and the code we had for recognizing the version and format needed to be changed to accommodate the new format. I have a proposed fix awaiting approval. If approved, it will be included in the next release.


That is good news. Thanks @ChrisHubbard

This issue has been resolved in Scripture App Builder 7.0.