Announcing the release of PTXprint version 2.4

We are pleased to announce the latest release of PTXprint. There were more than 50 minor updates, dozens of bugs fixed, and a handful of new features since the last major release earlier in the year. So you are encouraged to download the latest version.

What’s new in version 2.4?

  • Selective Import Settings feature (get settings from PDFs, ZIP Archives, or Project + Config)
  • Added code snippets and actions to various tabs in View+Edit
  • Facility to download a sample image set and then Select Images to be used
  • Add support for QR code generation (using \zqrcode)

User Interface improvements:

  • A simple splash screen while loading [ptxprint -q to disable]
  • New hamburger menu to change View Level or Interface Language
  • Ensure DBL buttons are visible even in Basic mode
  • Ensure that color pickers don’t hide behind dialogs
  • Button to edit Module definition files within View/Editor tab
  • Search now changes UI level for widgets not in the present view
  • Changed the manual highlighting color (Ctrl+Click) to Yellow
  • Added option for pagebreak before ALL chapters
  • Added option for ‘Only Odd Tabs’
  • Added further options under Marks and Guides
  • Added link to \h header style on Header+Footer tab
  • Added Create Diff option (removed the hard-to-use button)
  • Improved interaction when chapter number is changed
  • Improved Cover tab UI with buttons for steps 1-3
  • Improved wording of picture copyright credits statement
  • Improved error message when USFM file hits a Syntax Error (#889)
  • Improved TeX log info/warnings/error reporting and suggestions