Annoying ads while using SAB apps

This may be ignorance on my part, but I experience a lot of full screen Google Chrome & Play Store generated ads when I have SAB apps open (Chrome or a popup for the Play Store opens in front of my app). Are others experiencing this? To be true, I seem to experience it more on my Android 6.0 than on my 5.1, and I don’t use many apps outside of the SAB apps I’m building.

I’ve looked into ways of blocking these ads, but haven’t made any progress. Anyone out there have any insight on this? I’m primarily iOS user and not used to advertising onslaught like this. Maybe it is normal?? I’m sure a lot of our end users are experiencing this onslaught of ads as well.

Ad popups? SAB doesn’t have any Ad code. I am not sure how you would get an Ad popup. I am really curious about this. Are you sure there isn’t any malware on your Android phone? What other apps are on your phone that have been installed? I can’t think of any reason an SAB app would be causing this.


Thanks Chris,

Sorry, I shouldn’t have used the word popup. Simply Chrome or an ad page from the Play Store opens in front of my app. I have to close it to get back to my app.

Prior to making this topic post, I noticed that the free version of Avira antivirus for Android can generate some ads. I uninstalled it and rebooted my phone, but continued to get the pesky ads. With Avira having been on the phone, I probably shouldn’t have any malware. Other than SAB, RAB and DAB apps, the only apps I had installed are “APK extractor”, “Droid Info”, and “Zipper”. Just deleted them, rebooted and still get the ads. Maybe the Play Store ads are gone (?), but the Chrome ones keep coming. I guess the next step is to wipe my phone!

It’s good to know that there is no ad code written into SAB - I was assuming this.