Another Video Tab Problem

I described the first problem in this post. It is only seen in v11.04 and v11.1.1 but not in 11.0.2.
I have submitted a ticket (#120250). This issue make the tab unusable.
[Problem with book tabs](First Video Tab Problem)

The 2nd problem is seen in v11.0.2, v11.0.4, and v11.1.1

  1. Open the book with the Video tab, and everything works fine.

  2. If you open settings (or any similar window from main menu), then the Video tab will no longer display the videos. Instead, it will either not respond or it will display the bible text intended for the main tab.

  3. If you change books, then everything will start working again.

We have verified this on two laptops and on two different apps. We have verified with both HTML and SFM based Tabs.

I have submitted a ticket (#120252)

1st Tab Problem (makes Tabs unusable in v11.1.1 SAB)

I am having a problem with Tabs. I reproduce this issue with v11.04 as well. When I downgraded to v11.02, the problem went away.

I have one tab defined, and it is for Mark only.
If the app is opened up initially to the book of Mark, then the tab shows up for Mark and ALL other books.

If the app is opened up initially to a book without a Tab defined (i.e. Matthew), then no Tab is shown for any book including Mark which should have a tab.