APK Build Failed for version 5.5 build release 1 (14 June 2019)

I got the latest update for Linux for SAB and today was the first time I have done a apk build for our most recent scriptures release but I got a build failure. I’ve got the output log but I need someone to interpret it for me.

Did you update your Settings / Android SDK? Is it showing all green?

Please send me the output log.

Ian, Does this have anything to do with changing / using Amazon Corretto 8 JDK?

Linux has been using OpenJDK distributed through Ubuntu. You do not need Amazon Corretto (which is a distribution of OpenJDK). Sorry, we should have made that more clear.

The Log shows:

* What went wrong:
Execution failed for task ':fabricGenerateResourcesRelease'.
> Crashlytics Developer Tools error.

I’ll pass this onto @ChrisHubbard

We have seen this on Windows as well so it is not limited to Linux. See: Build fails on fabric.io.

I passed it on to @richard since I was not able to figure out how to setup crashlytics with my Firebase account.

Sorry, this problem is caused by some incompatible Firebase libraries in the build. We are testing a fix for SAB 5.6 which should be available in July. For now, please disable Crashlytics.

Thanks everyone. I disabled Crashlytics and everything worked fine and it produced an apk file.
After the new SAB 5.6 is release I should enable crashlytics?

Yes when 5.6 comes out, enable Crashlytics again.