App Builders Updated for Android 10

The Android platform and Google Play policies are constantly evolving to improve the user experience and create a safer ecosystem. The timeline of the policy changes are documented.

One major change is that Apps must target API level 29 to be published on Google Play. By August 3, 2020, new apps must target at least Android 10 (API level 29). By November 2, 2020, all apps that are being updated must target at least Android 10 (API level 29).

Version 8.0 of Scripture App Builder, Dictionary App Builder and Reading App Builder (and version 2.0 of Keyboard App Builder) target Android 10 (API level 29). The minimum SDK level is still adjustable down to API level 14 depending on the selected features. Scriptoria has been updated to use these versions.


Thanks for all the updated on SAB. The technical team are simply the best in the world.

Kudos to everyone…

Please, I have a special request sir.

I don’t know it the compiler can be developed is such a way that one can set the expiry for a duration of time and after which the function can take users to the security page like “Require a device-specific access code to use this app”. And from the same page, they can enter the Access Code to finally unlock the app.

I have developed a couple .exe books in the past and that is the way the compiler was developed but I have discovered that in using RAB, I always needed to develop a trial version differently and instruct the users to download the Premium version to continue to use the app. I believe lots of people are too busy these days than to direct them to go back and forth and they simply abandon and get something else to do.

I have also seen Android apps too that work that way, after the trial version, you may be required to do a purchase for the product key to continue and everything works within the same app without having trial or free versions separate from the premium version.

I’ll appreciate if this is critically considered as a worthwhile function.

Also, I like to bring to your notice that in the security settings, the button " Require user to register with their details when they first use the app" is not clickable and functional. Hope you can help resolve this issue in the next version of the compiler.

Finally, I’ll also appreciate if the compiler can also be used to develop apps that will function for web view by simply inputting the URL and compile it as an APK. I developed a web application recently and I had to use another compiler to develop the APK for web view. RAB and SAB are the only compilers that I use without any knowledge of any other since I stated developing APK apps and majorly to compile ebooks.

I’ll appreciate if all these are taken into consideration in the development of the future versions of the compilers.

Thank you very much for all the support and assistance so far.

GOD bless you all…