Apple App store automatically listing our localized Bible app as available in english

Hello, I was curious if anybody had an had experience with Apple incorrectly listing what language their app was available in?

I’ve only localized our app for turkey at in Turkish, but it appears that Apple is reading the code and listing English is an available language. Is there anyway to change this?

In SAB the only language we selected for the interface and translations was Turkish. Is it hidden in the code somewhere behind what SAB did that it is available in English?

If the system language of your phone is English, then maybe app runs the app in English. I would like to try these three methods:


  1. Delete the app on your phone
  2. Change system language of your phone into English
  3. restart your phone
  4. set up the apk file

if that not works, second one:
From the interface menu, cancel using current system language.

You can see that from the picture below.

Right click to English on the interface section

I hope it works