Asterisks with dashes under them

I have noticed as issue in recent builds with 6.0.1, and perhaps earlier but I can’t remember exactly what version it started with, in which the asterisk I have used as a footnote caller does not appear alone but rather in combination with a dash. The dash is not being pulled from the SFM file as far as I can tell.
The dash is both confusing (since a dash has a phonetic significance in the orthography) and unsightly.
Anyone know how to get rid of it or is this a bug?

If you don’t want the underscore then go to a:link style and change:
text-decoration: underline to
text-decoration: none
But that affects all linked items including \w and \x items.

Great, thanks! This worked. Since they want the cross-references marked with an asterisk also, it is okay that this affects them. I am not sure how the \w Wordlist items work or if we want that affected or not.

I wonder if it would be possible to make the default for the footnote callers not have an underline? Or to make the underline closer to the caller so it doesn’t look like a dash? Just a suggestion…