Audio in a Bible Module

In a non-scripture book, such as a Bible Module, how does the audio timing work?

It seems like typically the timing works based on a \v verse marker, and then knows a little about how to break down phrases under that.

But what if the file doesn’t have \v markers at all? Is there a way to align the audio with paragraphs, or sentences? Or in this case do people just manually put \v numbering into the source file, but then hide it from being displayed?

You don’t need \v markers for the audio synchronization. In the Aeneas wizard, you can select “phrase by phrase” and then you define the punctuation markers that you want to use as the end of the phrases. It should work like this.
I don’t think paragraphs work per se as the boundaries for the syncing. What you could do is to add hidden characters e.g. zero width whitespace to your text, and then define them as “punctuation characters” in the Aeneas wizard. It should work.

M James, How are you doing getting synchronization of your non-scripture content? Do you need further help?

Yes, I think I’ve figured out how to do this now. Thank you.

Can you please share in detail how it worked?

It was the “Phrase by Phrase” aspect that I didn’t know about and that basically answered my question.

“aeneas” is the software used to synchronize an audio file with a text file. If you haven’t used that before or don’t know how to install it, you’ll need to find a tutorial.

But once I had my non-versified text into the app and had loaded the audio in also, I went to:
Books > Main Collection > book name > Audio Files
right-clicked on the page/chapter of audio I wanted to sync, and chose “Synchronize using aeneas”.
When working through the aeneas wizard one of the questions it asks is “phrase by phrase” or “verse by verse”. If you choose “phrase by phrase” you can then tell it which punctuation to break on. For example, I told it to break whenever . ? ! : ; , were present in the text.