Audio not updating

Hi forum,
We are having a problem whenever we update our scrupture app in the apple store or the google play store. The app updates just fine, but none of the audio files get updated. Is there a way to make the app download the new audio files when they have been updated?

Sorry, this is not possible at the moment - unless you modify the audio filenames when you change the audio - e.g. “Abc-Matthew-01.mp3” —> “Abc2-Matthew-01.mp3”.

This is because the app looks to see if it has already downloaded a given audio filename, and if so it uses that rather than downloading again.

I have added this to the list of issues to improve. We hope to make other changes to audio file downloading this year.

Hi Richard. Thnx for sharing that idea of renaming the audio files. I think that would address our problem. My followup question would then be, what happens to the orinal audio files on the android or iPhone? Will the app delete them, or will they just remain there as unused files, taking up space? On android phones I know there is a way to delete them manually, but what about on the iPhone?

Yes, the old audio files would just remain on the phone - since the new app would not know anything about them.