Audio synchronisation not working

I’m supporting someone with SAB and although Aeneas is installed and all the checks are okay, nothing happens when he tries to synchronize audio files with Aeneas. No wizard is coming up. The export to HTML also doesn’t work. The audio files are there on his computer and SAB finds them. His computer is a bit old and slow but he is able to build apps. So I’m puzzled why aeneas won’t even start. Any advice what I could check?

Do you have any spaces or special characters in the path? E.g. in the computer user name, or the name of the project? Those tend to cause that sort of problem.

Thanks. For the record: we never found out what the problem was. He had worked with the copy of a SAB project and what ever we tried it wouldn’t work. We went back and used the original project and Aeneas worked without any problems.