Background audio not working in Picture Story Book apps built with SAB 9.0.1 or later

I’m posting this here on the forum, because it seems that this bug has gotten missed since I reported it in December (Ticket 97569 - in this ticket there is a sample app project that can be used for testing)

When using SAB 9.0.1 or later to build a picture story book app that contains background audio, the background audio gets messed up. The background audio either won’t play, sometimes the background audio will play but the audio that should play on top of it won’t play, and sometimes the app crashes.

I have downloaded and installed SAB 8.6.6, and for picture story book apps built with this version of SAB the background audio plays perfectly. I downloaded and installed SAB 9.0.1 and 9.2.4 and for picture story book apps built with both of these SAB versions the background audio is messed up.

Thanks for your help!