Best practices question: Scripture texts and Story books in an app

Hi all,
I’m interested in how folk handle an app with multiple collections of Scripture (e.g. local language NT and French NT) and a series of Bible Aids story books (Bible studies, Quizzes etc.).
My first thought was to put the story books in the same collection as the local language NT. I didn’t want them showing up as an option in the dual-pane view.
However, that makes them show up in the book selector menu for that collection, which is long enough already.
Putting them in their own collection is tidier, but now they show up as a choice for dual-panes. What I would love to be able to do is set a collection to only be viewed in single-pane view. You can restrict a collection to only appear alongside another one (under the collection Restrictions tab) but not to only appear by itself.
Just wondering what others might have done in this case.

Changing the book type to “Glossary” will prevent them from showing up in the dropdown list. As far as I can remember, there weren’t downsides to doing that.

[Edit: I realized later that you would be changing from “Picture Story Book” to “Glossary”, which definitely wouldn’t work.
My only other idea–don’t allow the user to pick between panes, but rather hard code the different combinations you want to allow into the Contents.]