Bible Karoke Tool - create videos with Scripture text and audio

I was at ICCM Asia 2019 Conference last month in Thailand. I met one of the organisers of a recent Hackathon (Indigitous #HACK by Cru) in Chiang Mai. He told me that the main project from the hackathon, Bible Karoke tool, comes from a Bible translator requesting a software program that can create videos with Scripture text and audio to teach people how to read by reading the Bible. And that Bible translator got inspiration for that from one of the posts in SAB Forum! is an article describing the project a little more. If any body would like to try their hands with the Beta version, please let me know, and I can get you the beta installer (windows).

I think currently this works with Hear This, but I think this tool can be considered as an add-on feature for SAB once they release a stable version.

Update : To download Bible Karaoke and give it a try, please visit

@chris_hirt What I would like to see in this tool is the option for the user to use existing USFM text as well as recorded audio from his computer, in order to create videos. Currently it only works with HearThis (where user will have to record audio). So it will work only for languages where they are planning to record audio, whereas there are thousands of languages with existing recorded audio.

Can this tool be integrated with SAB?