Bible Module Errors

I am working with some Bible Modules to abridge some OT stories. I can create PDFs with regular Bible text, but trying to print out a Bible Module produced a list of errors instead of a PDF.PTXprint-module
Any help troubleshooting these?

Hi Brent, thanks for posting this issue. Could you please do a couple of things that might help us resolve it:
a) ensure you’re using the latest (ver 1.5.5) version - as we fixed a major bug just yesterday
b) If that doesn’t change what happens, then please send the Bible Module file to us at ptxprint[underscore] That might help us uncover what is going on.

I’m getting a very similar error with a Bible module:
PTXprint Version 1.5.6

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “ptxprint\”, line 651, in onOK
File “ptxprint”, line 137, in doit
File “ptxprint\”, line 195, in doit
File “ptxprint\”, line 195, in
File “ptxprint\”, line 309, in dojob
File “ptxprint\”, line 683, in convertBook
File “ptxprint\”, line 636, in flattenModule
File “ptxprint\”, line 445, in parse
TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable

<class ‘TypeError’>: ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable

Hi Mark,
I’m still having this issue and am wondering if you ever found a fix for it. Thanks!

Hi Dan, Sorry that you are still struggling with this one. I had assumed that no news was good news, but now I know better. Please try this once more with the latest (version and if it is still broken, then use the Create Archive button on the Advanced tab to make a ZIP file which you can send to us at ptxprint[underscore] This is the easiest way for us to replicate the issue and then solve it for you.

Well, the latest version ( still not working for me. Here’s the error message:

PTXprint Version

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “ptxprint\”, line 703, in onOK
File “ptxprint”, line 145, in doit
File “ptxprint\”, line 188, in doit
File “ptxprint\”, line 188, in
File “ptxprint\”, line 307, in dojob
File “ptxprint\”, line 702, in convertBook
File “ptxprint\”, line 655, in flattenModule
File “ptxprint\”, line 446, in parse
File “ptxprint\”, line 511, in parse_element
File “ptxprint\”, line 466, in parse_element
TypeError: expected string or bytes-like object

<class ‘TypeError’>: expected string or bytes-like object

This is the unchanged Bible module that I emailed to ptxprint_support last month.

Thanks for your patience, Brent. I now believe that this has been fixed (in ver so you should be able to produce PDF output from Modules again now. Please let us know how it goes…

Still having a problem. Every module I try gets this error:
Canonicalise Text Error! Failed to flatten module text (due to a Syntax Error?): Check for USFM errors and/or problems with a module.

Strange indeed. Is that just a warning message, or a show-stopper? Does it produce a PDF or nothing at all?
Does it do anything different when you turn OFF the option called “Auto-Correct USFM” (in the “Other” section of the Advanced Tab)?

It’s a show stopper. Doesn’t make a PDF.
Tried turning off “Auto-Correct USFM” and same thing happened.