Bible Plans - need additional options

Here are couple of additional features/options that we would like to see in Bible Plans within SAB

  1. Option to select a start date for the Plans like app (Eg. Lent starts on 11 Feb, so if user can pre-select the start date, then they can start plan from that date. Or they can start a One Year Bible reading plan from January 1st, etc.)

  2. Notification/Reminder for Plans - Missed day reminders, option to set a daily reminder for started plans.

  • Bible Reading plans – additional features added in SAB 11.2

    • When starting a plan, you will be asked some configuration questions (whether you want to assign dates, the start date, the days of the week to do the plan, and up to two daily reminders).
    • To change the dates of a plan after starting it, go to the configuration tab and tap ‘Change Dates’.
    • To set up the daily reminder times, go to the configuration tab and tap ‘Set Up Reminders’.
    • You can add headings in the daily readings using the \heading marker in the plan definition file.