Book name audio files not audible

I recorded my translated scriptures using Glyssen and Hear This. I then imported the audio files into SAB. 99% of the audio files were fine. But the initial audio files like Genesis 0, Exodus 0, etc which contain the audio recording of the book name, these audio files were not audible. So I copied the contents of Genesis 0 and Exodus 0 into Genesis 1 and Exodus 1. This worked for some books but not for all books. Has anyone else encountered this problem and found a solution to it?

Hi Craig,
Are you using Aeneas? If so, check your settings in the wizard, especially the “Start of Audio”. Could it be ignoring the titles by accident? Are your texts in SFM format? Try using the \s for the book name if you’re not already. Make sure it’s there when you fine tune the timings. Hope that helps.

Audio for book intros was not working in SAB 5.4, but that has been fixed in version 5.5