Book name not showing up in header

I can’t understand why the book name is not showing up in the header. I seem to be following all the instructions: I have the same settings as in a different project in Paratext (done by typing a number of references in the “Portions or Multiple books” window, not with a module) which results in the name and reference range in the pdf, but in a different project (using modules) the header only shows the reference range with no book name. The “\h book” formatting is listed the same in both projects in Paratext - 2nd line of the book, right after the \id line and before the different \toc lines - but PTXprint doesn’t seem to be picking up the name when uses modules.

I have the right font selected for \h in styles and in header+footer “Book” is selected (as well as chapter and verse).

I just tried this in a module and it seems to work:

Make sure that you’ve checked the appropriate box on the Header+Footer page:

If you still can’t work out why it isn’t doing what is expected, then feel free to create an Archive (using the button on the Help tab) and then send it to

Ah, thanks Mark,
I am too slow in understanding these things! I didn’t realize that I had to add the \h and \s in the module itself. I thought that the program would pick the \h and the \s up from Paratext, like it does in the other project when the “Portions or Multiple books” window.
Thanks for the clarification. this solves the other question I have on section headings as well…