Borders overlap with text

I’m a new user and was hoping to just use the basic mode - but when I add a border some of the text is outside it and the footnotes overlap with it. I tried changing the top and bottom margins but it didn’t seem to help - what am I missing? Thanks

Welcome to PTXprint, @ah48!

(note that I am using an A5 page layout, and the border is the one with “- no border”, which extends further down the page, allowing the footnotes to come within the border.

Yes, adding a border isn’t considered “normal” for basic mode users. So, you will need to use the image button to access the advanced Layout settings which will allow you to pull the margins in.

So, before adjusting the layout settings, the text was running into the borders (on the sides and at the bottom of the page) as can be seen here:

My margin settings were originally like this (for the image above):

But after making some adjustments on the Layout tab to the settings highlighted here below in yellow…

…everything then looks great:

I trust you are able to make the right adjustments as needed; and you can always go back to basic mode (by clicking Show less) to hide all the details that were just set.

Great - thank you so much!