Bug - Annotations duplicated (three copies) once created


I have an issue using SAB 4.5 once an annotation has been entered, the annotations menu display it three times.




Are you talking about notes? I was able to add a note and it doesn’t display 3 times in the notes menu.

Can you provide some steps to reproduce? Does this happen on only one phone or multiple types of phones? Is there something about the text you are selecting or the note that you are entering that triggers this behavior (e.g. does it happen all the time whether you select 1, 2, or N number of verses? Is it do on many different books? Is there something about the contents of the note you are entering?)

It is specific to your project? Can you make a project using a sample text (like the World English Bible from https://ebible.org/Scriptures/eng-web_usfm.zip) and reproduce it with that text?

If it is easy, you could post a video of the behavior.


Hi Chris,

I have sent you a PM with a video link :wink:

I was talking about notes, running Android 8.1, I have not other phones near me, so this is the only one I was able to reproduce it on.