Bug: Audio playback slow to respond resulting in multiple audio tracks playing simultaneously

I’ve identified an audio playback issue in the Android version of my app. After starting the app (or restarting the app) and attempting to play the audio, there seems to clear lag between pressing the play button and audio beginning to play. For an impatient user (or even a normal user :slight_smile: ), this lag is obvious enough to make one think nothing is happening, which results in pushing the pause button and pushing the play button again. The lag is long enough that I have enough time to push play/pause 5-6 times (if I try to do it on purpose very quickly). The main Android device that I’m observing this on is a Samsung Galaxy S21.

What happens then is that multiple near simultaneous parallel “plays” of the audio chapter begin resulting in an echo/stadium sounding audio. Pushing pause only stops the most recently started track while the others continue. The only way to get them all to stop is to close the app.

The circumstances and observed app states under which this occurs is as follows:

  • It happens for both Streaming and Downloading of audio
  • It happens (mainly) for the first attempt at playing audio after the app has been launched
  • It doesn’t happen if the audio is embedded in the app
  • It doesn’t happen if you are downloading the audio for the first time as the download operation interrupts you/keeps you from being able to press play multiple times and even a couple times, I was able to push play/pause 2-3 before the download operation started and the audio only played once after the download was complete.
  • It seems to only happen for Android version, not the iOS