Bug in Book Selection Popup feature

When I un-check the “Enable book selection popup”, it makes no change in the actual apk being produced. Is there any way to identify why this is happening?

I tried to add an image showing the app builder settings, but can’t add a second picture.

Have you also unchecked Book selection and Show verse selector in Features > Settings > Navigation?

Here, I’ll add the picture here:

Have you also unchecked Book selection and Show verse selector in Features > Settings > Navigation?

Yes, I have.

Just to be one hundred percent sure, because this really should work: If you click on the tab “Settings” in the screenshot you attached and uncheck “Book selection” and “Show verse selector” there - it still does show up after you have created a new built?

Yes, I’m un-checking those.

You mean in the builder, correct? Because once I uncheck those then the Book Selection and Show Verse Selector (obviously) don’t show up in the app.

I’m sorry, I think I have misunderstood you, I thought that’s exactly what you want to accomplish. My bad!

It’s not the Settings option inside the app I’m trying to get rid of. What I’m trying to get rid of is the navigation feature where you click in the green bar on top (where I have the top red rectangle in my first picture), which brings up a list of books (the bottom red rectangle). I’d like to get rid of that entire feature, so that the only way to navigate was by going back to the Contents menu.

I thought that unselecting “Features–>Navigation–>Enable book selection pop” would get rid of it, but it didn’t.

I am tested the settings that you are using and the Book title remains but I have no drop down list arrow beside the book title to access the books on Android. Is this made for Android or iOS?
What version of SAB are you using?

When I built on a Mac and made an iOS app I see the drop down menu appear. It does not appear in the Android build. So we have an iOS bug. I’ll report that.

Why do you want to disable that menu and only use the Contents Menu?

Ian, Can you get me a project that shows the problems? It would make it easier to review this. Thanks.

I have shared the project via a PM.

I’m building for Android, and I still have the drop down list arrow. I’d really like to get rid of both it and the book title, but could deal with the book title as long as it isn’t click-able.

I’m using SAB 7.2.

Could you make a new app and test on that app. Don’t do everything just test that part. If it gets rid of your arrow then go on and add the other parts. You can export your Contents menu and the bring it into the new app.

Thanks. Starting simple and adding features narrowed down the problem. I now think it’s a bug inside SAB.

The problem appears to be the Crosswalk viewer. Building without it leads to the correct results–no dropdown list arrow on the top bar. But when Crosswalk box is checked that arrow and dropdown list then come back, regardless of what settings are checked or unchecked in Features–>Navigation.

That is good problem solving. Thanks for that.I’ll write that up.

The next version of SAB 8.0 will not contain Crosswalk as it is not working with the API 29 for Android 10. We don’t have an alternate solution at this time.

Can you share a screen shot of text with and without Crosswalk enabled?

With Crosswalk (note down arrow)     Without Crosswalk (no arrow)

Hopefully you tell tell how much we need Graphite, even if you can’t read the script. If SAB 8.0 doesn’t include Crosswalk, I’d request that the bug fix be added into SAB 7 since we wouldn’t upgrade to 8.