Bug on landscape mode on Samsung Dex

I tried my app in dual language mode with my phone connected to a monitor.
This is with Samsung Dex which tries to create a desktop like experience when connected to a screen. (it doesn’t just duplicate the screen, some apps act entirely differently like Office apps)
It works very well but when I tried to slide the divider to the left or right the ‘button’ would go the opposite direction.

I do realize Samsung Dex users are not the target audience. :slight_smile:

Can you test with two LTR languages? I am wondering if it is because one language is a RTL language.

If that is still the same then can you make your project available somewhere online and tell me where via Personal Message?

i don’t have another LTR to try. I tried it with two RTL languages and got the same result.

This is happening on my phone in landscape mode. Maybe it always did, I just noticed it first in Dex mode as the monitor is of course landscape.