Bug report: 2 problems with RTL text in verse-on-image

I love the verse-on-image feature! It could really earn the app great exposure. But for RTL text, we have two weird things that happen:

  1. If there are quote marks involved in the verse (as is not uncommon on the verses one wants to put on an image), we’ll end up with a weird pair of quote marks hanging at the end, like this:

  2. If the verse begins with “މާތްﷲ” (as several verses in GEN 1 do), the “ﷲ” incorrectly gets put first (on the right), like this:
    No amount of inserting RLM characters seems to help.

Thanks so much!

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@mcquayi, can you note this as a bug report? Thanks!

Does the same problem occur in Word for example? Try pasting it into Word and experimenting with different fonts.
We had a different problem with للە in our Kurdish app. The translators did not use that word but it would magically appear in words that contained the letters ل ل ە. Words like قوللو (qulle, means tower) or کوللە (kulle, means locust). (yes, JtB would eat Allah and honey).
With experimenting I discovered that it was simply a matter of font. Some fonts turn that 3 letter combination into the name Allah, some fonts don’t. In the same way that different fonts handle the lam-alif (لا) combination differently. Even in the above sentence with the 2 examples, at least on my browser, 1 of the words does it and one doesn’t.
So my suggestion is to try a different font.
I hope that helps.

Thanks for the idea, Craig.

I’ve tested it, and with all fonts the behaviour is the same.

Note that this is not للە (U+0644 U+0644 U+06d5) but ﷲ (U+fdf2). It works fine in all other contexts. Only the verse-on-image feature has this problem. If a space is inserted between the Thaana letters and U+fdf2, even verse-on-text will render in the proper order (but of course, then there’s a space there).

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I have added this as a bug.

Can you give me the text to test with and also the Unicode codepoints. Remember you are dealing with non-literate-RTL people here.

I assume that the above ﷲ (U+fdf2) space testing was done with ZWS, thin and hair spaces too?

For bug #2, use this text:
\p \v 1 މާތްﷲ އެންމެ

For bug #1 with the quote marks, how about I add you to the GitHub project, so you always have access to the current form of this RTL project? What’s your GitHub username?

You can test it out in any verse involving quote marks, such as PRO 4:24 above.

(Note: The project has added a space before Allah, as a workaround to bug #2.)