Bug report: Synchronisation problems with OT quotes

Similar problems to this have been reported but it has been suggested that this should be in a separate bug report.

Source: NT passages with OT quotes.
Cause: having a quote finishing with punctuation, end bracket, footnote in RTL, when not at the end of the verse.
Issue: The synchronisation highlight will hang on the end bracket and footnote caller while the audio for the next phrase plays. (if this occurs at the end of the verse, as it usually does, it does not cause a problem, as seen below)
Expected: The highlight should move on to the next phrase. In this screenshot it should be on 8c, the third line.
Workaround: none known
Note: The start bracket does not cause a problem:

And neither does end bracket, footnote caller, punctuation at the end of a phrase in the middle of a verse:
Affects version: 8.6.3
Priority: Low