Bug? - selected verses not displayed as should

Dear reader,

I discovered that in “selected chapters and verses” the mention of : 1-4:26 (i.e. chapter 1 to 4 verse 26) starts at chapter 1 verse 26

Have you had a similar experience? Should I apply the specific scripture reference settings for my project?

Thanks in advance for your help,

References in Paratext usually differentiate between verse ranges and chapter ranges with a hyphen and an n-dash, respectively. It doesn’t look (from what you shared) that SAB makes a distinction, but it might be interesting to play a bit with the n-dash, to see if you get any different results.

From the instructions given in the app, I assume you should be able to get the desired result by using “1-3, 4:1-26”. It may also be interesting to try “1:1-4:26”, to see if that works. Let us know what you find…


Hi Jeff,

Yes, 1-3, 4:1-26 does the trick. But one would expect 1-4:26 to also work. I hope that this kind of feedback will find their way to some kind of bug report. This forum has the possibility to make a feature request, but how about (suspected) bug? reports … is this the place to post these?


You can just report bugs to the main SAB forum, not to the feature request forum. They will usually then get posted to the developers “Issues” database on Github (private). I have in fact reported this problem there now.

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