Building Quiz's inside books

I am creating a Bible Study with SAB.
There are 9 separate books, each with 3 chapters.
I would like to place quiz prompts at the end of each chapter which will allow users to take a quiz and then return to that chapter (where they selected the quiz prompt) after the quiz is completed.

I need the markdown code to navigate to the quiz from inside the book file… as well as the code to write in the quiz file to navigate back to the book where they selected the quiz prompt.

There will be a total of 27 quizzes… I don’t want them to be listed in the contents menu or in the navigation bar at the top of the app (sorry, I don’t know the technical name for this… when you click the top of what I am calling the “navigation bar” it lists all of the books in the app, including the quizzes.)
I don’t want the quizzes listed and only want access to the quizzes from the prompts inserted at the end of each chapter.

Can anyone help me with the coding and methods needed to accomplish my goal?
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

I’m using the following code for one of my quiz questions:
\qu Why did God design people the way he did?
\ar To have a meaningful relationship with him.
\ae Yes, God created humans in his likeness and image so we could have a personal and meaningful relationship with him.
\aw To work for him.
\ae \bd To have a meaningful relationship with him\bd* is the correct answer; God doesn’t need us to do anything for him. He is able to do everything for himself. He gives people the opportunity to work with him, in relationship, not just for him.
\aw As an experiment to see what would happen.
\ae \bd To have a meaningful relationship with him\bd* is the correct answer; God doesn’t need to experiment with anything. He knows everything already, including the outcomes of every action.
\aw To prove he is powerful.
\ae \bd To have a meaningful relationship with him\bd* is the correct answer; God doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone but, because he is good and gracious, he will prove himself to people who seek him.

Using the USFM \bd results in the explanation not being shown if that wrong answer is selected.
Using quote marks (“To have a meaningful relationship with him”) results in the same, i.e. no explanation is given if the wrong answer is selected.
(Screenshot of how this code renders in app is attached)

I want to emphasize why the correct answer is correct if/when someone selects a wrong answer to a quiz question.
Is there a code I can use to bold, italicize, put in quotes, or otherwise emphasize specific text within the answers explanations?

EDIT to original post… After working on this for another hour, removing quote marks and all USFM text styles, the explanations are still not rendering in two of the four questions in the quiz. I don’t know what else to try… could this be a bug?

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I’m trying to figure out what I believe is referred to as “markdown code”, that is a way to navigate from a link embedded inside a book. I’ve figured out quite a few using the examples given in the book “Footer” section but none of these examples reflect how to code a link to another book inside the app. Please help if you can.

Here’s the examples I referred to above:
Page Footer
You can display a footer message at the bottom of each page or chapter. This could give more information about your organisation and links to other resources.
You can use formatting codes such as:

  • bold (), italics () and underline (…)
  • images: [alt textillustrations/filename.png)
  • links to websites: [Our website|
  • email links: (Email us|(
  • phone numbers: [012-345-678](tel: 012345678).
  • variables: %app-name%, %version-name%, %program-type%, program-version%

The code in my book file:
\p_TableStyle2 Click Here to Take Quiz
results in underlined text “Click Here to Take Quiz” but none of the iterations of code have resulted in a functioning link.

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No code I’ve tried results in any visible link back to the book/chapter this quiz is applicable to. Not sure how the quiz is supposed to function but there isn’t any navigation options other than the navigation bar at the very top which lists all the books in the app.
Would appreciate any help you can offer on navigating to and from a quiz from within the app.

Hi John,
You’ve got a lot of questions there, so I’ll try to look at one at a time. The markdown format for linking to a book is
[link text that user reads and taps on](Book Collection ID.Book ID.Chapter.verse)
The verse is optional. The book collection ID is something like C01 – that’s the default collection ID but you may have changed that. The book ID is whatever you have at the top of your specific Quiz. Chapter would probably be 1

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Thanks Andrew!
Your response was very helpful… my markdown code worked using:
\p_Default [Click Here to Take Quiz] (C01.QUIZ1.1) …without the space between ] (
(note for any potential reader in the future that it didn’t work without the chapter number even though I don’t have any chapter numbers referenced in the quiz)
This markdown code navigated to the attached screen which is rendering the Quiz Name:
\qn NLS#1 Study Section 1 Quiz
Is there a way to skip this screen and go right to the first quiz question?

You can’t currently hide a quiz book from the book selector (where you tap on the book name in the upper menu and get a drop-down list or grid), but it’s in the enhancements list

Solved the issue of markdown code to navigate to the quiz… still need code to get back to the point where the quiz was initiated, for example at the end of Genesis chapter 1.

Actually, 11.4.2 was just released and it can hide Quiz books from the book selector.

Solved the issue of markdown code to navigate to the quiz… still need code to get back to the point where the quiz was initiated, for example at the end of Genesis chapter 1.

Is there a back arrow?

Regarding quiz questions formatted to provide explanations when user answers, I have created multiple quizzes and all of them have issues with some of the explanations not showing. I have removed all special characters, all USFM markers except those specifically called for in quizzes. I have ensured length of explanation isn’t too long and yet some of the explanations are not showing.
Any suggestions?

no back arrow… except the one at the very top navigation bar which takes the user back to the content menu… see screenshot

I installed SAB 11.4.2 and found the quiz book feature settings, selected “no” in show in book selection option, rebuilt the iOS app, installed the app (without deleting the previous installation), and the quizzes are still showing in the book selector drop down list.
Then I deleted the app altogether and did a fresh install… and got the same result, the quizzes are still visible in the book selector drop down list.

Right. iOS. Richard implemented the feature in Android and we would have to implement the configuration in iOS. We will get to it soon.

Hi John,
When I get time, I’ll try to duplicate your problem with the explanations not showing up. It could be a bug. As far as I know, you can’t link from a quiz back to a specific book and page. I’ll put that in the enhancements request.

Thanks Andrew. Let me know if you’d like me to send you the quiz .txt files I’m using… I appreciate your help.