Callers for footnotes and cross references are underlined

Has anyone else noticed that in apps built with recent SAB versions the footnote callers (and cross reference callers) are underlined? See images. They shouldn’t be underlined by default and weren’t in the past. The only way to turn it off is in SAB > Styles > Text Styles > a:link which causes other links (for example glossary links) to not be underlined anymore (which isn’t desired). Can this be fixed?

Curiously, in older Android versions (I tested it on 5 and 7), the underliner is higher up, just below the symbol:

And this doesn’t occur in the HTML output in SAB, just in the app itself.

On Android 12 with SAB I0.2 am getting the raised underscore like in your second image.

The HTML is different. It uses a <sup> around the caller and uses JavaScript to popup the footnote., whereas in SAB it is using the hyperlink <a ... element.

I looked at the HTML as that gives clues as to what might be in the app.

<span class="footnote selectable" id="F-1"><sup>b</sup></span>

So footnote is a class I can try in my Custom Styles.
@Friedo already established that the a:link styling affects the footnote caller. But not it alone.

So combining the two in the Custom Style target only the foot note.

I added this to my Custom Styles and got the underscore to be removed.

span.footnote > a:link {
    text-decoration: none;

Thanks for looking at it and finding a solution! I’m not really familiar with Custom Styles. Is this what you did (screenshot)? It doesn’t save the code when I do that. Is span.footnote a Paragraph Style (Style Type)? There is only the choice between Paragraph Style and Character Style.

You need to create the Style Name with the selector part (highlighted yellow) of the CSS.


Then only edit in between the { }. You can’t change the selector to be different to what is in the Style Name.

Thanks, it works, very nice!
I would still consider it a bug because the underliner shouldn’t be there by default and in the past wasn’t.

Super! It worked for me too, thanks @mcquayi! And I agree with Friedo that it would be best to have the default be that the callers are not underlined, since not everyone will be able to figure how to make this custom style change.