Can different iOS apps share audio in Scripture App Builder apps?


I was wondering if anyone could help me with figuring out if sharing audio between different iOS SAB apps is possible or not. This works for android devices, but I haven’t gotten it to work for Apple devices.

We have New Testament apps for each different Script so that users have the option of downloading individual scripts or an app with all 3 of them. They all use the same audio files, but so far they seem to need to be downloaded for each app individually.

Is there a way for the various apps to look in the same place on iOS devices for the audio? I tried specifying the same alternate source, but the different apps don’t seem to see the files from other apps. I would like to prevent users from having to download the same audio multiple times and have multiple copies on the same device if a user decides to install more than one version of the app. The internet here is slow and sometimes unreliable. Should I just try again?



We have not implemented that feature yet for iOS. We haven’t figured out how to do this yet. Sorry.

We try to maintain a comparison of features implemented between iOS and Android (this hasn’t been updated yet for 5.0).


Thank you for your quick and helpful reply, including the link. That will be helpful for me to check in the future when I update apps.

Thanks again!