Can the Video widget width be set smaller?

We have an app with J film clips and 35 video clips in Mark. One reviewer finds the video widgets annoying as they disrupt the flow and look of the text. One possible improvement might be if we could simply set the video widget to about 10-20% of the screen width. It would be much smaller and less disruptive to reading. I do not see any setting in the video section of SAB or the documentation about the \video marker.

Is it possible to make a custom style for videos in STYLES? Are there any other undocumented ways to reduce the video widget size?

Has anyone else encountered this feedback of dislike of videos with a Bible text? What solution or accommodation did you try.

Roger Green

Would making it small really help? Maybe there should be a simple way to hide/show all videos as a user preference?

I’m seeking a remedy workable with SAB 8.4 . I will try making a link like “VIDEO” that appears in text and goes to a 2nd glossary with the video widget. Not sure this will work. If not I can try a similar way with footnotes. If none of these work, then I may move the videos to the bottom of each chapter.

I hope to submit feature request that would create a small video widget icon, that would open into the full width video widget, then collapse again after viewing. As you suggest it would also be nice if the videos and whatever widget, icons, etc are added to be able show/hide from the settings of the app.

I welcome any suggestions you have that will work with SAB 8.4